The Moon Pod, a unique, long-lasting, amorphous-shaped beanbag that was originally funded via Kickstarter, has been a huge success. This next-generation chair is a perfect combination of futuristic design features and zero-gravity beads.

John Fiorentino is the creator of many relaxation products. Many of these products have become household names around the globe.

Its unique dual membrane design has been praised for its “stress relief” claims and “anti-anxiety effects”. Moon Pod products contain custom-made, high density beads that imitate the sensation of floating therapy. The next-generation chair’s “zero gravity effect” is achieved here, which allows customers to enjoy its stress-relieving advantages.

You can adjust the Moon Pod to your preference of whether you want it to be sat, reclining, or lying down. To make it even more supportive, you can add a foot rest, pillow and arm/backrest. These options will be discussed in greater detail during the review.

Overview of the Moon pod

The Moon Pod and accessories are shipped in large cardboard boxes. The company doesn’t recommend opening the boxes with a sharp object as this could cause damage to the products. Customers will need to cover the MoonPod with a cover. This is similar to placing a pillowcase in a pillowcase. You can choose from a variety of colors for these covers. The Moon Pod weighs in at just 12 lbs and takes up 4 feet of space. Once it’s covered, you can relax.

Is it really like a zero gravity chair? Actually, Yes!

It was amazing, I have to say. Because they are off the ground, other chairs that claim zero gravity seem to make sense. It was bold for an advertisement, but I didn’t think it was possible to pull off as a bean bag. The Moon Pod does it! Because it is designed to fit the body of the user, it allows them to relax and supports their weight. The support is so strong that it almost makes my body feel like it’s pushing me upwards. I was very happy with this! The bean bag does not feel floating.

Sitting for long periods of time makes me feel more relaxed than if I was in bean bags or conventional chairs. It is a great support system and I rarely want to leave. Normal chairs can cause me to adjust quite a lot due to old injuries and aches. However, I found that I adjusted less in the Moon Pod. I also find that my laptop works from home feels more supportive than a regular chair or couch.

The Moon pod has one downside: it’s difficult to get out without someone to help you. It’s a good idea to have someone nearby who can help you.

In the end, I should have known. Moon Pod is also advertised as the “future relaxation” bean bag. It’s a great chair and is poised to be a big hit. It is ready to talk the talk and walk the walk. It’s so comfortable, I find it difficult to stay awake sometimes. It’s the next-generation chair that is perfect for lounging, napping, watching TV, and working from home.

What makes the Moon Pod stand out?

It was very similar to a regular beanbag when I first saw it. My first thought was “What’s special about this?” Then I sat down and adjusted my posture. The Moon Pod was a different bean bag. It conformed to me perfectly with its high density beads.

I expect to sink into oblivion if I sit in a bean bag. MoonPod’s unique feature is that it absorbs my weight and adjusts to my body accordingly. This creates the perfect balance and comfort for me.

Moon Pod Accessories

You can add accessories to your Moon Pod to make it even more enjoyable. You can choose from a Moon Pod 4d pillow, Lunar Lift, or Crescent. You can use the Pillow to prop up, sleep, or lounge. The Lunar Lift can be used as a footrest and to support your lower body and feet. You could use it as a temporary seat, if necessary. When the Moon pod is flat, the Crescent looks like a U-shaped shape that provides additional support for your neck and back.


The Pillow works well as a pillow. It is great for neck support while lounging on the Moon Pod. The pillow can also be used as a small lap desk for work. It’s the perfect size to hold a standard laptop and allow me to work from home .

Lunar Lift

The Lunar Lift is great for your feet. The Moon pod isn’t enough to support your feet. The Lunar Lift is a wonderful addition to those who desire complete relaxation. This add-on is highly recommended! It is a good addition to my home. I have used it as intended, but the lift can also be used as a side table or an extra seat when necessary.


My favorite Moon Pod accessory is the Crescent. It is shaped like a U and can be used to support your neck and back while you lay on your MoonPod. It is a great addition for your MoonPod. Some people recommend it as a standalone item, but it can also be used on a chair or couch. I personally love the Crescent when used with my Moon Pod. It enhances the next-generation chair, and can be used as a lap desk or arm support when needed. This is the accessory I recommend if you only have one Moon Pod accessory. 

Super Moon Pod

The Super Pod is also available if you are looking for a Moon pod for two. This means that you might want to add two accessories to your Moon pod buddy for maximum comfort.


This chair is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate zero-gravity, relaxation experience. It’s a great addition to any home, whether you are looking for a comfortable and fun accessory for family time or movie watching.

Moon pod fully supports the body, and relieves pressure points. This happens regardless of whether you are sitting, lying down, or reclining. The Moon Pod is an innovative alternative to bean bags or traditional chairs. It is our next-generation chair. MoonPod is a great choice for people who need maximum support and comfort.

By Manali